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We have been established since 2007,  in this time we have successfully guided hundreds of investors through the purchase of over £83 million worth of Investment Property.  Our highly qualified acquisitions team source investment property in prime locations in the UK, chosen specifically for capital growth potential and above average rental returns. Whether you are an experienced property investor or are looking to get a first rung on the investment property ladder, We have a unique approach to help you build or start your investment property portfolio.  We alleviate all the concerns associated with Buy to Let and offer you a hassle free approach to investment property.

We are able to source off plan and built residential properties in prime City Centre locations and established residential areas throughout the UK. Before the acquisition of any of our marketed developments Btlinvestors’ team of experts go through a thorough due diligence process to ensure a sound investment and future let ability. Please register to receive our current availability as not all our properties are advertised on our website.  Our strategy is to only secure investment properties for our clients that meet our strict criteria, properties that have growth potential and will be rented out quickly to professional or corporate tenants. Tenants are sourced through trusted local agents and are subject to rigorous background checks, ensuring high quality occupants of the properties.

The only way to invest in these sought after properties is through Btlinvestors, as we have exclusivity and they are not available through any other company. The buy to let market is booming across Britain, especially as more young people are struggling to get onto the housing ladder. Buy to let assets and rent income has hit a record level this year according to the Financial Times, as low interest rates on savings have encouraged more people to invest in property.

An increasing population and the UK housing shortage has also played its part in pushing up house prices to unaffordable levels for first-time buyers – and therefore boosting the rental market. To be a successful landlord, it is essential to find the right buy to let property and calculate how much rental yield it will provide. You need a property or development which will reward its investor with capital growth and a good rental return. First of all we only offer properties to investors which we know have potential – they are in a great location which has a high rental demand. As professional consultants, we can also advise individual clients on the best investments for them, and how to increase their returns.

We specialise in buy to let properties and developments in London, Manchester, Liverpool, Nottingham, Leicester and Sheffield. Buy to let in London is always popular due to demand for housing, however these other locations are up and coming hotspots and can offer attractive revenues. If you new to investing in property or are an seasoned investor, we have put together an interesting read on our news page covering all aspect of investing, yields, current market. We also have a handy Rental Yield and Stamp Duty Calculator which will assist you.

We look forward to helping you build a successful property portfolio.

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